Support for large builds in Bitbucket Pipelines

By on February 20, 2018

There are software teams out there that want to take advantage of Bitbucket Pipelines, but haven’t been able to trim down their software projects to fit; we have some good news.

Support for large builds

Large builds now allow software teams to take advantage of twice the resources to:

To take advantage of double the resources set the size of pipeline or step to 2x.

Tell me how to get it

  size: 2x  # all steps in this repo get 8GB memory
    - step:
        size: 2x  # or configure at step level
          - ...

What’s the cost?

Steps that use double resources will consume twice the number of build minutes from your monthly allocation, effectively costing you twice as much. So we recommend configuring large builds only where you need additional memory or speed.

Our early stats show that large builds have decreased the average build time for customers that use them, due to decreased CPU contention on our hosts, but your results will depend on the specific tasks your build performs.

We’re sure the optional extra memory and CPU allocation will prove extremely useful to the growing number of professional teams that are relying on Bitbucket Pipelines for all their CI/CD needs.

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