Bitbucket Cloud gets a new navigation experience

By on April 11, 2017

A good user interface gets out of the way and makes it easy for teams to understand, focus on, and complete their work. We’ve been listening to our users on how to improve the navigation of Bitbucket Cloud’s UI and have been hard at work for over a year to address the feedback. Today we’re taking the first step in improving Bitbucket Cloud’s UI and launching a new navigation experience

As part of this new UI, we’ve streamlined navigation to create a more intuitive, warm, and inviting interface. Let’s take a deeper look at how we arrived at this new design, what it looks like and how you can enable it.

How did we land on this new design?

One of the best signals we have to understand our customers is NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback. We pulled a research team together to sift through thousands of NPS responses to find common pain points and opportunities for improvement. One recurring theme we found was “complexity” – clearly a problem, but tough to address without breaking it down further. So, we conducted qualitative interviews and narrowed down areas of improvement to address perceived complexity:

  • Wayfinding and architecture – Historically Bitbucket has used many interaction patterns for navigation: top bar menu, search box, sidebar, omni-bar, and tabs (oh my!). That’s led to a frustrating user experience when finding features and getting around. To cut out the visual noise and distractions, we’ve combined global and repository-level navigation into the left sidebar. The dashboard and search menus let you quickly jump between all repos, pull requests, and issues you need to manage.



  • Look and feel – Users had feedback about Bitbucket’s fluid width, iconography, lack of color and whitespace. They expected an easy to use and cohesive experience that surfaced the right information at the right time. With the new nav, we removed clutter, use flashes of color and clear iconography to accentuate the important bits. These new interactions are more considerate, straightforward, and guide you to the next step. We’ve got more to do on this front to make the entire Bitbucket experience more consistent and simpler, but we’re excited about this start!



  • Repository navigation – This was unintuitive because icons were not easily understood. There were too many options and the mix of actions and navigation made it difficult to parse. As part of the UI cleanup, we wanted to remove as many of the hurdles between you and your work as possible. To simplify, we’ve grouped repo actions with other actions in the create (plus) menu and kept navigation simple.



How did we test the new UI?

We’ve been testing our design direction from the beginning with actual users to validate and stay on track. was hugely helpful for early signal testing and getting quick qualitative feedback from real users. Building on those positive results, we shipped an initial implementation in Bitbucket in October 2016 to our internal Bitbucket dev team.

Since then, we’ve expanded from just the Bitbucket dev team to hundreds of users, integration partners, and Atlassians and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Any UI change, especially one as large as adopting a new navigation paradigm, involves tough calls and tradeoffs. Based on our research and testing, we’re optimistic that people will intuitively understand the new layout and be even more productive with Bitbucket.

I want the new Bitbucket experience! How do I get it?

This initial roll out is just the beginning. We’ve started with navigation, updated, and changes are now starting to flow in to product.

Now after all this testing, it is time to get feedback on a larger scale. We are rolling it out to 1% of our active user base so some of you will already have this experience in your current Bitbucket account. Just click the “Give feedback” link in the sidebar – we’re listening.

If you can’t wait to try the new UI, you can still turn it on! Visit the Labs page and enable “Bitbucket UI refresh”. If you’re not already a Bitbucket user, sign up for Bitbucket to give it a try. Give us feedback and we hope you love the new UI as much as we do.

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