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By on February 15, 2017

Community Guides

Since Bitbucket Pipelines launched back in October 2016, we’ve heard a tremendous amount of positive feedback and excitement about the new built-in CI/CD feature within Bitbucket. A ton of you wrote excellent tutorials about how you’ve configured your Pipelines for various use cases. For instance, we were thrilled with James Fairhurst’s blog about getting set up on Bitbucket Pipelines and Laravel and Ozren Lapcevic’s blog on building, testing and deploying Django App with Bitbucket Pipelines. We appreciate your commitment to sharing best practices with the rest of the community – thank you! Keep ’em coming!

Today we’re excited to share some of our own tutorials, including five new Pipelines language guides and four new deployment guides, making it even easier for you to set up Pipelines.

New Language Guides

If you’ve tried Pipelines before but had trouble configuring your .yml file for Java, Javascript/Node.js, Ruby, Python or PHP, or if you’re interested in trying Pipelines for the first time, we’ve created these five guides for you!

New Deployment Guides

We’ve also added several deployment guides if you’re interested in fulfilling the full software development life-cycle with Bitbucket.

We’ll be adding more soon, so make sure to check back! As always, if you have feedback on any of these guides, please tweet us @Bitbucket Pipelines.


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