Faster development for distributed teams with Smart Mirroring

By on November 30, 2016

Modern software development teams are increasingly distributed around the globe and expect to work fast from anywhere in the world. However, the desire for development speed can sometimes be blocked by factors out of your control – like waiting hours when cloning because you’re in a remote location and have a slow internet connection. This is a common occurrence if your team is working with lots of historical information in your repository, is storing large binary files or is using monolithic repos.

Reduce clone times with Smart Mirroring

We developed Smart Mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud with these distributed teams in mind who want to drastically reduce clone times. With Smart Mirroring, you can:

Smart mirroring can be set up in 4 steps, and less than 10 minutes. You install the mirror locally, set up security with SSL, start and connect the mirror to Bitbucket Cloud, select what you want to mirror, then sit back and enjoy the speed. Below is a mirror in action, increasing speed by 1.5x:

smart mirroring

Try Smart Mirroring

Smart Mirroring is a feature in Bitbucket Cloud’s Premium plan which has features for teams that require granular admin controls, security and auditing. All features in Bitbucket Cloud’s premium plan are in a free trial until early 2017 when the plan will cost $5/user/month. If you’re ready to start mirroring in a free trial, sign up for a Bitbucket Cloud account.

If you’re already using Bitbucket Cloud, learn how to set up and evaluate a Smart Mirror in less than 10 minutes to see mirroring in action.

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