Say hello to SourceTree for Windows 1.5

By on April 7, 2014

With SourceTree 1.4.0 for Windows released just a few weeks ago, we’re excited to announce that 1.5.0 is ready to go. We’ve been steadily playing catchup with the Mac version and we’re happy to ship some highly requested features.

Download SourceTree for Windows

Interactive rebase

The interactive rebase feature is now available on SourceTree for Windows. Need to mess with your local commits before you go and push them? Go ahead! To use this feature you can either click the Repository menu and hit Interactive rebase to rebase from your last upstream commit, or right-click on a commit in the log and go to Rebase children of <sha> interactively.

Interactive rebase


A more flexible option to Git’s submodules, subtree allows you to carry out a whole host of tasks when including other repositories into your own repository. You can pull down changes, or even commit and push changes to an unrelated repository. Like submodules, you can add a subtree either from the sidebar or from the Repository menu.


Tab reordering

Keeping your tabs organized is an absolute must when dealing with a lot of repositories. To help with that you can now reorder your tabs; Just drag and drop them to wherever you want.

Tab reordering

Get SourceTree for Windows or Mac

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  • Jonathan R

    Fantastic update. I’ve been eagerly anticipating Interactive Rebase for a while, as it’s an important part of my work flow while working on my Mac. Glad to have it when I’m on a Windows machine.

  • Dave Jackman

    Awesome, my Windows box is hooked up. But now it’s time for a linux client.

    • t-dub

      Another vote for a Linux client!

      • Anonymous

        +1 for linux client

        • Raoul

          sure! +1 for linux

          • Ernesto Acosta

            +1000 for Linux..

          • King DaBest

            -1 for Linux client. Linux is **** anyway and only the greatest ****s use it so there’s simply no need 🙂

        • Kenneth Kinyanjui

          +100 for Linux

          • Christian Esperar

            Linux! Linux! Linux!

        • Odysseus55

          And another +1 for linux client

        • talk2rp


    • Anonymous

      +1 for Linux

    • Comnir

      They don’t want to:

      But you could try SmartGit (if you don’t use it yet). That’s what I use and it works great!

    • Guest

      All posts about linux will be deleted like in all other sourceTree news comments. They probably won’t make linux client

    • Emmanuel Gautier


    • javiero09

      +1 Linux Client

    • Jhonatan Bazaldúa Oliva

      +1 for linux

    • Anonymous


  • meanyack

    Does it have Explorer extension like TortoiseSVN?

    • Tester

      Get TortoiseGit if you need one.

  • Alexei

    0.o “gitk –all”? include in standart git

  • Thierry Ruiz

    What about Sourcetree 1.9.0 for Mac with the Subtree feature bugfree?

  • Joshua Carmody

    I tried loading a Git repository created outside of SourceTree that already contained subtrees, and it doesn’t seem to recognize them. Is there some trick to it?

  • Aryaguna Watson

    Great ! Is there a way of using a google login?

  • Andrew

    I actually joined Bitbucket to get away from Github and their nonsense. Now it seems you guys are making Windows-only shit too, of which “for Windows” is tacked on as if you’re so proud of the fact that you just had to make it part of the name. Are the same people at Github also running Bitbucket?

    • Earl

      … Are you suggesting companies that make applications for Windows and Mac are full of nonsense? This really makes no sense. Native clients for both systems is really great.

    • dan

      just a reminder, it’s free. you have the choice to use it or not.

    • Jason Davis

      Logged in just to download this shithead of a comment

  • Ron Smits

    Where is the linux client?

  • Maksym Domarev

    Using mac but awaiting for Linux version!

  • Alexander Obuhovich

    I wish my colleagues, which use Linux would also have pleasure of using SourceTree, which I have on my Mac.

  • Andrew Williams

    The interactive rebase feature should be incredibly useful.

    Hoping for Linux support soon 🙂

    Thanks for this superb product !!

  • David P

    Sounds tempting, but I wonder how it compares with or TortoiseGit.

  • sohelR

    All of my friends

  • Thomas Burdon

    Great – what conflict tools does it come preloaded with? Kidiff? I want some more options. Using Tortis HG ATM keen to try out your client though. TY.

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