SourceTree for Mac 1.8 – Subtree Support & Mavericks Improvements

By on December 11, 2013

We’re happy to announce the release of SourceTree 1.8. This release includes the much anticipated Subtree support and important Mavericks updates to improve stability.

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Submodules were a feature of Git that many people had trouble working with and so subtrees were introduced as a way to solve many of the problems submodules introduced. We’re happy to announce that you can do all of this right from within SourceTree with a little zest added to make subtrees even easier to manage.

Easily add subtree's with SourceTree

SourceTree stores subtree metadata so you can simply pull commits from your remote into your subtree without having to provide the same information over and over. Take a look at Atlassian’s blog “Alternatives To Git Submodule: Git Subtree” to find out more information about how to use Subtree with Git.

Mavericks Updates and Fixes

With a big thanks to the community we’ve been able to track down any outstanding compatibility issues with Mavericks. Version 1.8 of SourceTree includes a fix for the ‘error on commit’ issue, as well as startup crashes that a small number of users were experiencing.


We want to make SourceTree an even better product for you, our users, and to do this we’d love your help in finding out how you use our product. In version 1.8 you’ll get a popup asking if it’s OK to gather some data about how you use the product. We want to emphasize that no personal data is taken whatsoever.

Other fixes / updates

Download SourceTree

Get SourceTree for Windows

Don’t forget, SourceTree is also on Windows too. Grab the latest version from!

  • Jon Langevin

    Heck yeah, about time!

  • Sebastian

    Best GIT client for Windows and MAC, and it’s free! Thank your for such great application.

    • Anonymous

      Best mercurial client too!

  • Guests

    Waiting for support on Linux

  • Dovydas Venckus

    Great looking application. Would love to see native linux support

  • Alexander Ruiz Ponce

    Thanks a lot, I love this app

  • Itay

    Joining the congrats, and also to expecting a linux client 🙂

    • Sebastian

      +1 for this. Would be great to have linux client in sourcetree family too!

  • Cristian

    Waiting for support on Linux

    • Guest

      Linux pls

  • Pierre-Andre Manseau

    SourceTree is not updated from the Apps Store anymore ?

    • Giovanni Candido da Silva

      No. It’s because of apple restrictive security. Some features of the app need access to resources that apple blocks or make very difficult with app store version. The SourceTree team drop the mac app store version, use the downloaded version.

  • Giovanni Candido da Silva

    A linux version would be great. I use the Mac version and is fantastic

  • Inas Luthfi

    Congrats for the new release!

    A question. I dont know if i can enable this on latest SourceTree. Can i see real progress bar when pulling or pushing, currently it is just undeterministic progress bar. I mean like x/total files already pushed to remote server. Or is it impossible?

  • Alexis

    Any love for Linux?

  • Linus Torvalds

    Linux support?

  • Guest

    Waiting for support on Linux, but SmartGit/Hg is starting to fill up this hole… missed opportunity, even willing to pay for it.

  • Asad Hasan

    Will try soon…linux version is a must

  • Anonymous

    Linux will be great!

  • Fernando

    Waiting for Linux

  • Chrys Cantona Ogwara

    ya linux version please

  • Chrys Cantona Ogwara

    ya linux version.

  • Alex

    is the link broken only for me? it’s not opening.

  • Flatline

    +1 for linux! Besides, more than half of the comments here are about the linux version, I guess you guys should be paying attention…

  • Easter1021

    oh good~

  • Francisco Velazquez

    Thanks for the update. I love source tree!

  • cee

    Not interested until it gets support for Linux!

  • Teshimoto

    I’ll definitely use it when linux version appears!

  • Артем

    Нужна под Linux, вот прям очень-очень.

  • Alex

    Waiting for Linux

  • Luciano Mammino

    Great product. I use it on mac and sometimes on windows. As my development routine involves mostly mac and linux it would be great to have it on Linux too!

  • MyName

    Linux support?

  • Serge Populov

    +1 for Linux support

  • Fabian Bakkum

    Definitely would like to see a Linux version as well 😉

  • Guest

    +1 for Linux support (as requested by most other posters).

  • Guest

    I find that SourceTree slows down rather severely (on my 4-core, 16 GB Mac Mini): currently the application is handling 180 repositories.

  • Guest

    Linux support please..

  • Antoniy Chonkov

    Mac but not linux? That’s odd…

  • motorhead

    Waiting for support on Linux

  • Daniel Wilson

    Linux Please! All our servers run CentOS and therefore development often requires me to use CentOS, Ubuntu, and Slackware VM’s (to name a few) for testing – SourceTree for Linux would be a real handy tool for me (and the many others that have also asked)!