Revamped Bitbucket Integration with HipChat Group Chat

By on October 10, 2013

Atlassian HipChat, group chat and IM for teams, recently improved the integration experience with Bitbucket. What does this integration do? It connects a HipChat room to one or more Bitbucket repositories. From there you and your team can stay notified of code activity in real-time via HipChat.


Connect your code and chat

The previous Bitbucket integration involved two tabs, multiple copy-paste steps, and lots of clicking. The goal was to make the integration as simple as possible to connect our chat service with our code hosting service.


With the new HipChat-Bitbucket add-on, all it takes is the following steps to get connected:

  1. Visit HipChat and login
  2. Click on “Rooms” tab
  3. Click on desired room
  4. Click on “Add-ons”
  5. Find Bitbucket addon, and click “Install”
  6. Type the repository name, and click “Add”

No more copy/paste of obscure links, tokens, or IDs.  No documentation to read.


This plugin is installable by any room owner and does not need any account admin privileges, so if you own a HipChat room, you can set it up yourself.

Code and chat for FREE

Try the integration out. HipChat and Bitbucket are both free for 5 users.