No more +1s — Bitbucket Issues now has voting

By on August 14, 2013

Some issues draw more attention than others on the Bitbucket issue tracker, and a lot of that attention manifests itself as simple “+1” comments — the quickest, easiest way for people to voice their agreement with a problem or idea. Unfortunately these comments tend to clutter the issue, and spam people with useless notifications.

Vote for an issue

During our last ShipIt hackathon, one of our developers decided to do something about this and added voting capability to issues in Bitbucket! We know this is going to improve our interaction with our users, and we’re pretty sure anyone with a public Bitbucket issue tracker will feel the same way.

Sort issue by most voted

When using the issue list view you’ll see the total votes for a particular issue, and have the option to sort by votes. As a bonus, we did a migration of any “+1” issue comments over to votes to help get things started. Happy voting!

  • Anonymous


  • ztrzrtztrzrztrz

    This is probably a good improvement for public issue trackers and a first step in improving Bitbucket issues. Now *please* add a better milestone management.

    • igorsantos07

      two years later……………………………

  • Daniel Serodio

    Great news! Now *please* implement “Ability to search source code” ( which is the leading “+1” spamming bug on Bitbucket 🙂

  • German Larrain M

    Congrats! Very useful