Customize your avatar in Bitbucket (no Gravatar needed!)

By on July 16, 2013

After over 700 requests to replace Gravatar from Bitbucket users like you, we’re excited to announce a new avatar picker in Bitbucket. Now you can upload and crop images to personalize your user profile and free private repositories.

Bitbucket avatar blog

Upload any JPG, GIF, or PNG via drag-and-drop or the file browser, then easily resize until your image is just right. Bitbucket will give you a large-scale preview of how your avatar will be displayed throughout Bitbucket on commits, pull requests, and activity streams.

User activity stream

Of course if you’re already using Gravatar with a validated Bitbucket email address, you can count on backwards compatibility (in other words, your existing profile picture is safe).


  • moigagoo
    Posted July 16, 2013 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

    This is so damn good, I’ve been waiting for it for so long.

    Gravatar is the stupidest concept, I always hate it when it’s the *only* way to set an avatar.

    Thanks guys!

    • Anonymous
      Posted July 19, 2013 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

      In what way is Gravatar a stupid concept? If it were, there wouldn’t be thousands of sites using it!

      • moigagoo
        Posted July 19, 2013 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

        In what way is nazism a terrible ideology? If it were, there wouldn’t have been thousands of nazis believeing in it.

        Still, to the point.

        As for me, Gravatar was useful in setting an avatar exactly ZERO times. I don’t want any avatar I have to be connected to a separate e-mail. I don’t want to have a single avatar for a particular e-mail address either. I have lots of e-mails, some of them are personal, some are for work, some are not used any longer, some are still active.

        Here’s a use case to illustrate a typical ordeal I am engaged in thanks to Gravatar.

        Say, as an employee, I have to have my company logo as avatar on the forum. So I register with my *work e-mail* and set an avatar via Gravatar. All happy now (if you don’t mind going to a totally separate site just to set a picture to your account.)

        Then, there is a site I have to post articles on, which requires all authors to have their faces as avatars. This activity is closely related to my job, so I register *with my work e-mail*. Oops, they also seem to find Gravatar useful.

        Guess what happens next? I now have to either violate the rules of the forum or the site, or create another useless e-mail *just to be able to set a proper avatar*.

        I don’t know about other people (and I don’t really care since I’m just expressing my opinion,) but this thing just freaks me out. An e-mail to set an avatar, really?

        And that’s just one use case.

        • Anonymous
          Posted July 19, 2013 at 5:51 pm | Permalink

          That’s clearly the forum’s problem if they’re trying to enforce what users are setting on their Gravatars, if they require something specific, they’re being ignorant by using an external service to get users photos for them. You haven’t exactly proven your point, but I guess I see what you’re getting at.

          • moigagoo
            Posted July 20, 2013 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

            It’s is not the forum’s fault, it does not enforce users to use a certain type of avatars. In this particular case, it is the company policy that makes me have a certain type of avatar.

            This example is just to show that it is possible, an even quite probable, that Gravatar is an obstacle rather than an advantage.

            In fact, Gravatar simplifies an *already simple process*. It is *unnecessary*, but can potentially cause problems.

            This is why I am just happy that BitBucket now gives me an alternative way to set an avatar 🙂

  • nig
    Posted July 26, 2013 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    lol mlp fag

  • Alice Robinson
    Posted August 6, 2013 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    Love bitbucket, always moving onward and upward.

    Also, mlp ftw.