New outbound IP addresses for post-receive hooks

By on June 11, 2013

Bitbucket supports several post-receive hooks, such as Bamboo build integration, diffs via email, HipChat notifications and more.  Today we made a change to our network configuration that results in these services routing through different IP addresses.

If you’re already taking advantage of our post-receive hooks and have ingress firewall rules to allow us to communicate with your servers, then you’ll need to update your rules.

The old source IP address was:

The new source IP addresses are:

For more information on our post-receive hooks, please see our docs.

  • Marcos Sader

    I can’t believe you just made the change overnight without previous notice. I had to drag myself here to get the news. This blog feed is not even displayed in the dashboard.

    I assume you dont care, but this “little change” broke all of our integration services and caused us 3 hours of downtime.

    So in case you care next time, make sure you let your users know about the change one week in advance so they can plan for it.

    • keeb

      Extremely unprofessional.

    • Bruno Braga

      We also rely on POSTs for remote deployment… maybe they underestimate how users use this functionality. :S

  • Scott Hovestadt

    Ridiculously unprofessional move.

  • Iain Gray

    I’m not happy about the way this was done. This broke our integration server, and caused significant downtime. Please let us know with email /dashboard alerts in good time in future.

  • Anonymous

    Count my organization as another that was caught by this. We had just rebuilt our OpenStack VMs, and for the past few weeks I thought this was a configuration issue with the new server deployment.