Atlassian Bitbucket passes one million users

By on June 4, 2013

Bitbucket has seen amazing growth since introducing free unlimited Git repositories for individuals and small teams. Every day is a delight reading your emails, tweets, and support requests thanking us for the service we’re building to enable your team to build better software.

Today the Bitbucket team is thrilled to announce we have added our millionth user, and we want to express our appreciation.

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Win a trip to visit Bitbucket in San Francisco

To thank all of the 1,000,000 users and 80,000 teams who have signed up for Bitbucket, we’re offering the opportunity for you and a colleague to join us for the next ShipIt 24-hour hackathon day at Atlassian in San Francisco.

The Bitbucket team will be hosting our next ShipIt in our beautiful San Francisco office during the month of September, when San Francisco weather is at its finest.

One winner will get:

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Here’s how: For each friend you invite who joins Bitbucket, you’ll be entered into the raffle. Want to know more? Check out our contest details to get all the legal bits.

UPDATE: We wrapped up the contest on June 11 and will announce the winner soon. Thanks to everyone who entered. Feel free to invite your friends anyway!

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Calling all locals: Come party with us in SF

Come and have a drink (or two) with the Bitbucket team to help us celebrate 1M users. We’ll be rocking it out with an open bar and great food at John Colins Cocktails in downtown San Francisco on June 20 at 6pm.

John Collins in SF

What should you bring? Yourself and anyone from your team. Register now for the party >>

  • Top Test Prep

    Congrats to the bitbucket team!
    mike at

  • sam

    Congrats! Well deserved, in particular, unlimited free repos for my personal projects is pretty amazing compared to GH.

    • Vladimir Sanchez

      I cringed every time I see someone choosing GH over BB, unbeknownst about their private repos, issue tracking, team management features and HG’s easier learning curve.

  • Sean Bullock

    You’ve worked hard to get this far and it’s payed off. Congratulations to the team and their continual support.

  • aneesh

    Great job guys

  • Justin Wheeler

    Congratulations… Huge milestone. Thanks for all that you do!

  • D42am

    Great job guys ! You deserve it 🙂

  • Canadian

    Why is Canada void?!

    • Jan

      Same question for Spain. What a pitty. What are the legal issues?

  • Tony

    Cheers to the Bitbucket team!

  • SkeletonGamer

    GG guys 😀

  • Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

    typo: “Check our our contest”

    • Justen Stepka

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • Damien Glancy

    Fantastic milestone

  • Brad Erickson

    One of my favorite services. Congrats on the 1 Million

  • John

    great work! Love it!

  • Ajar Bahamonde

    Greetings from Tel-Aviv to the favorite team!
    Good work! we love using your tool at casaversa

  • seanp33

    Great job BB team. You’ve built a fantastic set of capabilities and I use them every day.

  • Javier Camelis

    Amazing Job, thanks from Argentina!

  • Pedro Junior

    Congratulations, great job!

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant folks! Keep it up. A million users is an amazing growth curve. I love bitbucket, lifeblood of our company.

  • Anonymous

    Oh damn. Void in India 🙁 Would have loved for a chance to hack with the Atlassian team.

  • Pratik Soni

    nooo.. void in India.. 🙁
    but congratulations guys.. u guys deserve it.. i myself raised 2-3 bugs and they all got resolved.. cheers..

  • Joshua Wold

    Congrats guys!

  • Prakash

    Its Awesome guys….!!! I love it…!! Keep rocking…!!

  • Mangesh Parte

    😮 void in India?? :/
    btw..cheers for the victory. 😉

  • Mohammed Manaysah

    Congrats,you deserve more
    it was a wonderful experince to work on Bitbucket with Open free repository 😀

  • Turgut


  • ashok kumar

    Congrats Team and keep rocking guys.. 🙂

  • Florian

    (Let’s give it a change with SF!)

  • arjuns

    You deserve more than this. Thank you for making a web better place for programmer.

  • Łukasz

    I love you guys…

  • Oleksandr Kozlov

    Thank you for the unlimited private repos. Congratulations!

  • Ramin Orujov

    Great achievement! My congratulations to Bitbucket team and Atlassian.

  • Hüseyin BABAL

    Good job 🙂 I am using bitucket happily and thanks to atlassian bitbucket

  • Laurent Malvert

    I’m curious… Why is it void in the *US* states of New York and Florida??

  • Pedro Ventura


  • Antonio Rezende Neto

    Congrats folks! You deserve it all. A good service which is offered by BB can only be a result of such a hard work.

  • Lukas

    Woow it´s great … btw … i wanna win my dream is America 😀 I never been in this place and its my life dream 😀 … Congrats !

  • Stijn

    What if we invited people in the past? Does it mean we automatically participate?

  • Fábio Priamo

    You guys have done a lot for me and my projects. Amazing!

  • MrFusion42

    Y U NO LIKE MEXICO!? Lots of good programmers here, you know….

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Congrats !!

  • Sarabadu

    Free shirts for void countrys developers!!! XD

  • Giorgi Abelashvili

    for my personal project, it’s amazing! when i publish my game to different stores, i will thanks to bitbucket in credits!!!

  • al

    great com

  • Senthil

    Congrats. Keep going

  • Cyron43 .

    Bitbuckets rocks – or better say, the guys behind that name. I wouldn’t know how to host my repos without you.