Introducing SourceTree for Windows – a free desktop client for Git

By on March 19, 2013

The SourceTree team is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our family Atlassian distributed version control system (DVCS) family – SourceTree for Windows.

For some time now many Windows developers have been requesting a native counterpart to the SourceTree Mac desktop client. Windows developers, say goodbye to the command line and use the full capabilities of Git through SourceTree’s beautifully simple interface (and stop being jealous of what your Mac friends are using).

Download SourceTree for Windows

A simple, powerful Git client

SourceTree for Windows a git client

SourceTree for Windows simplifies how you interact with Git repositories so you can focus on coding.

Perfect for Git newbies

SourceTree toolbar

SourceTree was built to make Git approachable for every developer – especially those new to Git. Every Git command is just a click away using the SourceTree interface.

Visualize your repositories

SourceTree keeps track of code activity and provides an at-a-glance view of everything from projects to repositories to changesets.

Visualize your Git repos

Use SourceTree’s Bookmarks to get a real-time, aggregated view of all your projects and repositories. Jump directly to the changeset graph to visualize changesets across multiple branches and forks.

Powerful enough for Git veterans

Diff view

SourceTree makes Git simple for everyone, but also makes Git experts faster and more productive. Review your outgoing and incoming changesets, cherry-pick between branches, create and apply patches, rebase, shelve changesets and more with lightning speed.

Git one-stop shop

Atlassian offers a full complement of tools that will help you and your dev team make the most of Git. Whether you’re working on Mac or Windows, behind the firewall or in the cloud, Atlassian’s family of Git tools will bring you the power of Git while making adoption a breeze.

Connect to the cloud or behind the firewall


Thanks to hosting services like Bitbucket, many small teams working with Git repositories begin coding in the cloud. Connect SourceTree to Bitbucket’s free unlimited private repositories to easily manage your Git repositories from the SourceTree interface.

Stash, Atlassian’s Git repository manager for Enterprises, makes it simple to manage your Git Server – behind the firewall. With powerful two-way integration, Stash and SourceTree make it easy for your team to develop with Git. SourceTree can discover and fetch your Stash repositories. And one-click clone operations get you the source you need fast.

If you don’t have Stash or Bitbucket yet, not a problem, SourceTree for WIndows works with any Git repository, including GitHub, Microsoft Team Foundation Server or your own Git server.

What’s coming next?


We received great feedback from the SourceTree for Windows private beta users (a huge thank you). We will continue to push frequent updates and features to SourceTree for Windows users. We plan to bring all the great features that are part of SourceTree for Mac to Windows as well. What can you expect in the near future:


We will continue to push out frequent releases for the Mac client. Stay tuned for an upcoming release featuring:

Get SourceTree for Free!

If you’re new to Git, or just want a handy tool to make you even faster, download SourceTree – it’s free at our brand spankin’ new website.

Download SourceTree for Windows

  • Darmen

    Have a colleague that needs a free and simple Git GUI for Windows. You guys make my life a little easier — from now on he can learn and work with Git faster and more effective. Thank you!

  • Andrea Grandi

    Please release a Linux desktop client too 😉

    • johndough

      How dare you betray your elite console-only brethren.

      • mingomax

        I like to work on console, but many times a graphical client is missing and very proudly!

        • Bojan Matić

          git gui and gitk not good enough for you? Hmm?

      • Anonymous

        how do you use linux as desktop? i’ve used ubuntu and it had a million driver issues. I’d rather use mac desktop for development and linux access via ssh. linux for desktop is crap.

    • mingomax

      Yes, We developers under Linux Desktop needed a better graphical client like sourceTree! 😉

      • Utkarsh

        RabbitVCS is good enough for me. Have you checked it out?

        • Anonymous

          The problem with RabbitVCS is that it’s built on top of Nautilus, which means if I’m working in a repo and want to launch a graphical client, I first need to launch Nautilus (assuming it’s installed), then navigate to the repo directory, and then use the context menus to perform the various actions. In comparison a true standalone graphical client (like SourceTree) I could just launch it directly from the command line without needing to putz around with an extraneous graphical file manager.

          RabbitVCS is an excellent suggestion for someone looking for a Linux alternative for something like TortoiseGIT, but it’s in a different class of client from something like SourceTree.

          • Les Peabody

            To be fair you need some sort of Git client installed first, at least for Windows. However, during the SourceTree install it points you to several places you can get a client and install it easily 🙂

    • Tyler Longren

      Linux client would be stellar! SmartGit is nice but kinda clunky.

    • Anonymous

      try using Wine ( It’s pretty awesome. Then you can run sourcetree on Linux.

      • Jasdeep Khalsa

        I hate Wine, I’m a teetotaller

    • Ivan Cai

      I think so!

    • Signo

      there is eclipse with egit in linux that works like a charm with bitbucket, very fast and powerful

    • Anonymous

      how do you use linux as desktop? i’ve used ubuntu and it had a million driver issues and multiple problems. I’ve also tried other linux distros and the user interface isnt very friendly and extremely boring. For me Mac is a great os to develop, it makes it very easy on the eyes. I also use linux but via ssh terminal only. Linux should’ve never had a desktop version.

  • Eddwin Paz

    Thanks for giving our company Private Beta Release 🙂 By the way… the stability has improved, Also it doesn’t eat all my ram 🙂

  • Jimmy Gee

    Thanks Atlassians! You folks rock.

  • gcb

    will this work to manage the github projects i have to deal with? or is this a bitbucket secret sauce only?

    (also, why do i need useless accounts to comment here? what about my bitbucket account?)

    • damnhandy

      It should. The Mac client works great with GitHub and Gitorious

  • someguy

    Linux support plz!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome. I’ve enjoyed SourceTree on my Mac for a while, and it’s nice to be able to use it on my PC now as well!

  • Ronald Konweh

    jira integration for the windows client? cool! is this in plan for the mac app too?

  • 이상욱


  • cswsteve

    Fantastic, Thank You!

  • Anonymous

    Would like to try SourceTree, but can it be installed along side “GitHub for Windows” or will there be conflicts?

  • Siddharth Menon

    Really good news! Wanted this since long time. Its the best app on Mac and I thank you guys for this.

    Console sometimes is a let down when you merge code after major changes. This is faster & simpler.

  • Arjun Suresh Raji

    Please make this available for WinXP onwards. Most of the company uses XP as the development platform.
    It will be an extra add-on if you could release a client on Linux too.

  • Doncho Angelov

    Why your license says we have the right to use this for Evaluation purposes only for up to 30 days? And then we have to purchase?
    On the other hand, you’re talking about “free version”?
    Please clarify this:

    The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed as follows:
    (a) Installation and Use.
    Atlassian grants you the right to install and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your computer running a validly licensed copy of the operating system for which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT was designed. ‘Validly licensed’ means the following:
    (i) For evaluation, using the software for up to 30 days free of charge, or
    (ii) After purchasing a single license, using the software on a single computer, OR
    using the software on multiple computers so long as it is the same person using it
    (b) Backup Copies.
    You may also make copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as may be necessary for backup and archival purposes.

    • someone

      It says a validly licensed copy of the operating system, not SourceTree

    • some random guy

      Its called false advertising. He’s hoping that we’ll buy it once we’ve downloaded it and discovered that its not actually free. I prefer command line anyway, gui’s are too slow.

      • Justen Stepka

        That legal bit is about making sure the parts SourceTree relies on, such as Microsoft Windows, are valid licenses.

        We’re def going to keep SourceTree free as it’s a key tool to using our Bitbucket and Stash products for teams who want to use Git.

        • pcworld

          So you make restrictions on how we want to use our operating system? Isn’t that Microsoft’s job?

          Anyway, that point in your license just seems wrong, at the beginning you talk about the operating system, and later you seem to be talking about your software.

        • Adrian

          still don’t understand. is it free or not?!

          • Justen Stepka


    • Matt Hawkins

      That is referring to the Operating System. Unless you are running a pirated copy of Windows you haven’t got a problem. If you are running a pirated copy of Windows then I doubt this section of License text is of much interest.

      “a validly licensed copy of the operating system” and “Validly licensed’ means the following” are the bits people seem to have missed when jumping on the “command line is best” band-wagon.

      SourceTree is free. No “false advertising”. If you don’t like it then don’t use it. Easy.

  • Dis Shishkov

    Is it only for Git or Mercurial as well?

    • Shaun Ek

      The blog post says that it is a Git client. And they are working on Mercurial support still. Hopefully they get the Mercurial support soon.

  • Sergei Startsev

    I have a problem with install SourceTree through our proxy server:

    “An error occurred trying to download ‘’.”

    And I don’t see any dialogs with configuration proxy server settings.

  • hohenp

    That´s a really great tool!! Thanks for that. But there is one thing that would be really great to have within this tool and that is the information about “ahead” or “behind” of the lokal repos within the left repo overview status. Therewith you can see in one place with of your repos have to be pushed or pull against the origin repo.

    That would be really great!!

    Thanks for your help…

    • Dirk

      That would be very good.

  • Edward Beckett

    I would never have learned GIT if this was available two years ago … Quite simply the best GIT gui – hands down.

  • Vaibhav Puranik

    Please release a Linux Desktop client!

  • Eric

    Git flow pleaseeee… Thanks a lot

  • Frank Basti

    Great! No longer have to use GitHub desktop with bitbucket! Simply great!

  • Roger Lipp

    This looks like a great tool! Thanks for creating this. I have felt that adoption of git among windows-based developers has been a bit hampered by not having a good gui tool such as this. Many thanks!!

  • Kelly C. Robinson

    Trying to install on a Windows 7 machine. Got the following error:
    “Cannot Start Application”…Connot continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the application vendor for assistance.”
    Any suggestions?