Introducing Quick File Search

By on February 7, 2013

Have you ever been in this scenario: you are in a rush and need to find a file that you know the name of, but can’t remember where that file lives? You search the file browser in Bitbucket directory after directory… and finally find that elusive file.

When you’re looking for something in your DVCS projects, you want find it fast. We set out to make file search better, simpler, faster.

Meet the new file search

We’ve made it incredibly easy to jump to the exact file that you want to find or to search more broadly. From any repository page, simply press F and the quick file search dialog will appear.

Bitbucket quick file search

Bitbucket uses a variation of “fuzzy” searching, meaning you can enter the query “aui src .js” and we’ll return all files with the extension .js in the /aui-sandbox/src/ directory. If you’ve ever used Sublime Text’s or TextMate’s Command+T file search, you’ll feel right at home.

There are a few additional tricks baked into this feature as well. Here’s a quick rundown of what else you can do with fuzzy file searching:

We’ve also paid homage to the Vim diehards out there; you can navigate the list of files with Ctrl+J (next) and Ctrl+K (previous) and view a file with Ctrl+O.

Moar shortcuts!

Bitbucket features a host of other keyboard shortcuts to make repository and account management a breeze.


Just hit ? at any time to see a full listing of the shortcuts available in your current context.

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  • Sasha Aickin

    Has this launched yet? It doesn’t seem to work at all in our private repo. F doesn’t bring up anything, and it doesn’t show up in the ? help dialog.

    • Jon Mooring

      Hey Sasha, can you try again? We may have published the blog a bit early. 🙂

      • Sasha Aickin

        Sweet, it’s there! Looks cool, although I did find a bug in Chrome/OSX. If it’s still searching for results and I hit return in the textbox, it jumps to a 404 page.

        • Jon Mooring

          Thanks for letting us know. We’ll be releasing a fix for this shortly!

        • Jonathan Mooring

          This should be fixed. 🙂

  • Sasha Matijasic

    Great feature.

    Ctrl+j/k does not seem to work, I’m using Chrome/Linux and Ctrl+j opens up browser Downloads tab, Ctrl+K focuses url address bar and Ctrl+o opens Open file dialog.

    Ctrl+j/k sound like awesome addition to this feature but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

    • Jon Mooring

      Ah, everyone forgets the Linux users. We’ll be releasing a fix for this shortly that makes the modifier Alt instead of Ctrl for non-Mac clients.

      • Sasha Matijasic

        Thanks. 🙂

      • Kamran Mackey

        Nooooo, don’t do squat for Linux users. They don’t know how to use a proper OS….:/

        • Ian Leong

          Would you please educate us on what a proper OS is? Thank you in advance for your eagerly anticipated cooperation.

    • Jonathan Mooring

      This should be fixed. The modifier key for Windows and Linux is now Alt.

      • Sasha Matijasic

        It works great. Thanks 🙂

        • Kamran Mackey

          Eww Linux. Linux SUCKS.

  • Sasha Matijasic

    These feature is great and keyboard shortcuts are awesome. Is there a chance to implement a keyboard shorcut that should focus “Filter repositories” on the dashboard?

    I mostly use that filter to quickly go to my repositories (I have close to 100) and it’s much faster than search (which has / as a shortcut).

  • Kuitsi

    Does this search for files only in master (git) and default (hg) branches? Some other branches, eg. develop, could have other files and I can’t find them with this tool. 🙁

    • Ataul Munim

      bit late but… it’ll only work for the _current_ branch.

  • Anastasia Semenova

    Great feature, also it would be nice to search for text in the files (like grep do).

    • Thomas Gagne

      But not just in one repository–how about all my repositories? THAT would be helpful. I may know the name of the method, but not the class it belongs to or the file it’s hidden in. I may know the name of a method my method calls, and need to discover how I called it (say an API I rarely use), but don’t know which project (repository) I used it in. That’s why a grep is valuable.

    • JJ Zolper

      yeah like github

  • Alex Tan

    Hi, could you please give more insight of this features, I have tried with Chrome , Firefox and IE in Window

    ALT + F hook up the toolbar of the window

    CLT + F invoke the default search of the browser

    pressing F on any repository page is not responding.

    • Uros Majeric


      Go to “Manage account”->”Account settings” and check the checkbox at “Keyboard shortcuts”.

      Hope this helps – it worked for me.


  • WnStephen

    This is fantastic! Although, we could make even greater use if we could search old commits. Recently, a file was lost in a commit somewhere along the line. I had to go through old ones before I was able to find it (because it didn’t exist in the current state, so I couldn’t use this search feature). Could this be a possibility for the future?

  • Jacob

    Install Googbox on the server and put all word,excel,pdf files there and search with to get file content search results.