Signup to Bitbucket via Google or GitHub

By on January 28, 2013

Chances are you have an account on Facebook or Google and you don’t want to have to enter all your information again when signing up for a Bitbucket account. Who wants to remember another user name and password?

We just made it easier to sign-up (or connect your existing Bitbucket accounts) to an account from one of your favorite providers – Twitter, Facebook, Google…

New to Bitbucket?

You can now sign-up in a matter of seconds using your username/password via Google, Facebook, Twitter and GitHub.

Bitbucket social registration signup options

It’s simple: pick your favorite provider, confirm Bitbucket can fetch information your data and Bitbucket will do it’s best to fill out as much information as possible to streamline the sign-up process. If you already have a Bitbucket account you can associate it with one of your provider accounts.

Here, I used Twitter:


The username ‘jespern’ is already taken, so we’ve suggested ‘jespern_’, which is available. If the service had provided us with an email address, that’d be pre-filled, too.

Already a Bitbucket user?

For those of you with a Bitbucket account we have you covered. Connect that account to any or all of the external services to make your sign-up process easier (and saves you from remembering another username and password).

For example, let’s say you have a Bitbucket account and want to use Facebook to log in with from now on. Just head over to the “Connected accounts” page under your account settings. Click the “Connect” button next to Facebook, and you’re off! When you return to Bitbucket in the future, you can now just click the Facebook button to log back in. You can of course do the same with the other options!


Sign-up using Google, GitHub, Twitter, or Faceb0ok

Sign-up free for 5 users today using one of your favorite providers. We hope you find this as useful as we do!


  • Stanislav Spiridonov

    Please, add LinkedIn to the list

  • Tetsuo

    What about allowing removing username/password login if an OpenID login is set up?

  • dhunter

    Don’t know what you did with the UI lately but just wanna say, is pretty responsive, my connection is dead slow and I can tell the difference, Bitbucket is rocking awesome!!

  • Gary Reynolds

    It would be nice if you could release this as a reusable Django application for the community?

  • Tully

    Why does it need to be able to update my repositories? Especially my private ones?

  • Dennis

    Why does Bitbucket need to have write access to my GitHub data (profile and repositories)? No thanks.

  • Jacobus

    Full access to my GitHub repository? Thanks, but no thanks

  • Debadat Chaudhary Debadat Chau

    please give me confirm email

  • Debadat Chaudhary Debadat Chau

    i am’t succesful confirm for email last two month

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  • Scott MacLellan

    Did something in the UI change? I can no longer see buttons to connect to google or other accounts. Thanks for adding this feature.

    • Alastair Wilkes

      Hi Scott,

      If you previously signed up using one of these methods, you can click the “Looking for GitHub, Facebook, or Twitter log in?” link at the bottom of the login page to sign in.

      If you’re signing up for a new account, you’ll now need to sign up using your email address. Signing up via other social accounts is no longer supported, but if you sign up with a Google email address, you’ll be able to log in with Google auth.

      If you have any trouble logging in or signing up, please file a support ticket via Thanks!

      Bitbucket Product Manager