Improved User Profiles

By on December 20, 2012

Today we’re rolling out a new profile page that is more in-line with the larger site redesign we did in October. At a glance you can now see a more detailed list of repositories for a user, with the most recently active repositories displayed at the top. You can also see the teams a developer is a member of.

We’ve split out the content into four tabs to provide additional details and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. On the new “Followers” and “Following” tabs you can see a list of users in a network, and easily discover and follow interesting users.

Also new is the “Activity” tab that shows all the commits, comments and changes a user has recently made. Of course if you’d like to set your user profile pic, you’ll want to setup an account on Gravatar and upload a high-res profile image to be used throughout Bitbucket.

Team Profiles

When looking at a team account, you can now see a list of members for that particular team.

If you’re an admin, we’ve added shortcuts to directly manage members of a team. If you’re browsing around on Bitbucket and find a particular team interesting, you can choose to follow a team and your dashboard will be updated with key events from that team.

  • Heather Mason

    I like it.

  • anon

    Excellent, much better than before 🙂

    My only complaint is that the right side of the screen looks bear if the user isn’t a member of any teams.

  • Weslly

    This is great, thanks for the update!

  • tnl

    That was scary – on the private repo, it shows 3 followers – clicked on it – oeh, only me 🙂

  • Dobrosław Żybort

    Thank you for update.

    Maybe you can additionally add link to send message to user?

  • Sergio Tapia

    BitBucket just keeps getting better! Thank you so much for letting single freelance developers host their projects in private for free unlike Github. You guys are better than Github in my opinion.

    Keep on going on!

    • Thomas Vendetta

      I share sergio’s sentiment! You guys are awesome. Thank you.

  • Guest

    Who is counted as followers on the new page? It indicates one of my projects has 4 followers, but it is only 1 (just me) on the project overview page.

  • Rag Sagar.V

    Now i feel your interface is far far better than github

  • Doub

    The number of commits and followers is not accurate, after a quick glance at a few of my projects it seems largely inflated (for example reporting 2.5k for a 800 commit project, 2.8k instead of 900 for another, 450 instead of 250, etc.).