Refer a friend to Bitbucket for free users!

By on September 18, 2012

Update: This offer has expired and is no longer valid.

Want more than 5 private collaborators for free? All you need to do is get your friends on Bitbucket. For each friend you invite who joins Bitbucket, we’ll upgrade your free 5 user personal account by 1 additional user. You can do this up to 3 times for the chance to have 8 private collaborators – all for free.

From your dashboard, send an invitation to anyone by simply entering their email address. When your email invitation is accepted, your 5 user free plan will be upgraded with an additional user.

What about team accounts?

The Bitbucket invitations feature is only available for individual accounts. Team accounts of course are still free for up to 5 users, and $1 / user after that with unlimited private repositories.

  • Mass Effect

    yippie ki-yay!!!

  • tpoxa

    Yesterday I invited a friend and today bitbucket stoped worked for me
    I kepp seing this message

    Oops! An error occurred.We’ve been notified and we’ll look into the problem.Guru meditation: c520b4a564ab404687e182ae5674aa5c$9bc10080d3fd0a9d8fa88da1562bc871

  • Chev

    @tpoxa:disqus it seems that bitbucket have some troubles with their servers, cuz this error also occurs to me. I’ve not invited anyone yet.

  • orzech

    This is a great feature but I am really dissapointed that you didn’t introduce it earlier. I’ve already invited my team members who never heard about Bitbucket before and I didn’t have a chance to get more free users. 🙁

  • EvolvingViews

    They didn’t make clear before that it wasn’t available for team account when we signed up. There was no warning, no messages, etc. Until we had to find out the hard way that when you exceed the limit, no alerts and you will stop having access to your repos. We found out the hard way. And bitbucket refuse to honour their misinformed deal.We are a paid user now, but would have been nice that they don’t discriminate teams as I could have setup the whole thing as an individual account if I knew earlier. They are making it difficult just for the sake of it.

  • joel

    It seems to me that the 3 extra users are only added to a free account. We have the minimum paid package which is 10 users and I hoped that this offer would extend to increase that by 3 users. Now fair enough vendors have the right to make promotional offers such as this conditional/ nontransferrable/ not valid with other offer, ETC. But think about it:
    -Free account: easily extendable to 8 users
    -$10 p/m: 10 users
    -$25 p/m: 25 users

    From the customer’s point of view, consider that we are paying the $10 p/m for a measly extra 2 users. We’ve had to consider upgrading to next plan up just we could benefit from a couple extra users. But, after the disappointment that the promo doesn’t extend to paid accounts, I will probably now go out of my way to make do with 10 users, for example we are now just restricting access to actual developers only.

  • Eduardo Soares

    I have invited persons and they registered but does not counted 🙁

    • Breno

      Same here… 🙁

    • Alberto

      same for me… 🙁

    • Neal Reifsnyder

      Continues to be the case. My friend signed up within minutes of invite being sent but my account hasn’t been credited yet. No matter, I’m still a huge fan!

    • nokiola

      Same here

  • Sam Ward

    If I invite a new user via the “Share” button on a repository, does that count as a referral?

  • هدبدب الرويلي


  • doubble_dees

    how do i add friends to invite them to a project?

  • Kent Bertilsson

    This 5 private collaborators for free, is this in total or 5 per respository?

  • relax7lme


  • Κωστας δημογλου

    good register

  • Hugo Garcia-Cotte

    Is this feature still available ? I don’t see this advert on my dashboard.

    • dawesi

      Click your user icon top right then on menu ‘invite a friend’… not sure it gives extra credits anymore tho

  • Alex Yang

    Is this feature still available ? I don’t see it on my dashboard. I invited two friends, but the number of users did not have any changes.

  • Jonathan L

    I was able to do this up to 7 users, but new friends don’t get me to 8.