Bitbucket Gets Academic – Free Academic Accounts, Free T-Shirt

By on August 20, 2012

Did you say FREE for academic users?

You bet. Bitbucket offers free unlimited public and private repositories for academic users and teams.

How do I get in on this?

Easy. Sign up for a Bitbucket account using your academic email address. We’ll do the rest. We’ve expanded the automatic academic account upgrade process to include all high-level educational domains such as .edu,,, etc.

I’m a student. How is Bitbucket going to help me?

Good question. Here are a few ways:

Refer Classmates. Win A Shirt.

So go ahead and invite your friends – we’ve added a referral link to academic users’ Bitbucket dashboard. Invite 5 of your school friends, and we’ll send you a free Bitbucket t-shirt!

The free T-shirt promotion is no longer active.

  • Anton Golov

    “You bet. Bitbucket offers free unlimited public and private repositories for academic users and teams.”

    But… You already get unlimited public and private repositories.

    • Thomas Mundt

      Anton, the regular free offer is limited to 5 users.

  • sebastian

    what about international students?

    • Justen Stepka


  • Hsiao-Ting Wang

    May I know once I graduate from my college (of course, I have register my .edu email on BitBucket), can I still keep this unlimited repo and unlimited committers? thanks.

    • Justen Stepka

      So long as your university email address is active and your primary email, yes.

  • Jaseem Abid

    You dont have my college listed. Can you add to the list ?

  • Martin Smelik

    If I invited my freinds. It’s possible to send shirt to europe (czech republic) ?

    • Justen Stepka

      Yes, we will be shipping shirts internationally.

  • Mikael Svahnberg

    As a senior lecturer at a university, I’ve taken this one step further; since I already had my research and teaching material on bitbucket, I simply made the course materials publicly available, and tell my students where to find it. In the first course I did this the end result was that all teams were using some form of configuration management system for their software. So, if you’re interested in e.g. a course on software architectues, be my guest:

  • Dou

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  • josh

    Is it free for non-academic University staff also? For example is it free for the University’s IT Department?

  • jack miller

    It is a great oppurtunity for students like me. it could be a very big help among us. In line with this, How will I acquire this free shirt?

    centre sis

  • nagae

    I have requested an academic account via several
    minutes before I found this interactive(?) discussion. Could you please add
    ‘’ to the university email list, or, more productively, include
    ‘’ to the high-level educational domains?

  • J

    Is it still unlimited if an academic account user invites a non-academic member?

    • C

      I’d also really like to know the answer to this. Does only the repo owner need to have an academic account?

  • x

    Please add

  • Konstantinos

    Is this offer valid if I add an academic account later in my profile?

  • Fabien

    After the filling of the form, how many times does it takes before the account conversion? I filled it friday, 8th november in the morning (french time). The form said it was a success and I cannot see any modification of my account…
    I’m a lecturer at a french graduate school and use bitbucket with my master students and the limitation of users is a pain.


  • VH

    I’m an alumni and have a .edu account — do I still qualify for an educational account?

  • Loren M. Lang

    I just added a .edu to my existing Bitbucket account and was instantly upgraded to an academic account. I did not even need to make it my primary email. Thanks Bitbucket!

  • Derek Zhu

    is this still going on? for the link: is dead

  • Amelia Roster

    This is really great to hear that Bitbucket is free for
    academic users. Many will be greatly benefit by this offer. Thanks for sharing
    the news.

  • Amelia Roster

    This is really a good elucidation of the matter. I do appreciate that it is usually a trouble while you want to match up to the publishers and get approval plans accordingly. Thanks for further reinforcing this through your writing.

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