Brief Scheduled Maintenance Saturday February 11, 0100 GMT

By on February 10, 2012

We’re planning scheduled maintenance tomorrow starting at 01:00 GMT lasting no more than one hour.  During this maintenance window our data center staff will reconfigure our primary switch in a virtual stack.  This change requires that the switches be restarted.  We’ll also use this opportunity to restart our PostgreSQL cluster to enable more autovacuum workers.

Thanks for your patience as we work to improve Bitbucket’s reliability.



In preparing for this scheduled maintenance window, we made a backup of the switch config over tftp, which caused the switch to become unresponsive. We did a hard reset which restored service, and we’re now postponing the maintenance window until we understand the problem in full.  Our sincerest apologies for this unplanned downtime.



  • Wpaoli

    comment test

  • Anonymous

    You guys start early or something 😛

    • Bfergerson1

      Was thinking the same thing.

    • Justen Stepka

      We’re experiencing an unplanned outage right now and are investigating.
      Sorry for the trouble.

      • ncr100

        Good luck!   (For real!)

        • ncr100

          It’s back!

  • ncr100

    5PM on Friday – Are you kidding?

    • ncr100

      1AM US time would work for me instead of 5pm.

      • fabrice armisen

        Actually they should do it right now and save us from another outage today.

        • ncr100

          Smart thinking!

      • Lloyd

         US Time?

  • thewildpendulum

    why is this happening now? you guys are killing me! i need to push this so i can go home!

    • Murph

      ^ this! must start the weekend!

  • Murph

    Working for me now.

  • Adam Olsen

    Thanks for the update, I appreciate the honesty 🙂