Mobile apps for Bitbucket

By on December 21, 2011

Ever had the need to access Bitbucket when away from your desktop? At least a few Bitbucket users have and gone one step further!

Bitbucket has gone mobile with the help of several community developed mobile apps. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android device there are several apps to help keep tabs on Bitbucket source.


Bitbeaker is a free Android client that allows you to browse your repo source, issues, wiki pages, commit history and search public repos.


RepoMan is a free Android client that allows you to view your Bitbucket and GitHub repo issues, commit history, source diffs, branch history and search public repos.

Issue Bucket

Issue Bucket is a free iPhone application that offers a simple way to keep track of the issues and changesets for your Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket


iOpenSource is a unique paid mobile phone client that allows you to search and download source codes in zip archive from Google Code, Github, SourceForge, and Bitbucket.

Go Mobile

These are just a few of the apps out there to go mobile with Bitbucket. Have you given any of them a try?

More Ideas?

Heard of any other good apps or other cool uses of the Bitbucket REST API? Let us know in the comments.

If you are interested in writing your own custom integration, check out our Bitbucket Developer Documentation.

  • Drew


  • Drew


  • Dave

    +1 for bitbeaker, excellent application, congratulations to the author.

  • Dave

    +1 for bitbeaker, excellent application, congratulations to the author.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Jb510

    There is another iOS app called Bucketly which I thought was an official app from bitbucket since it uses the bitbucket logo without modification… Unfortunately it’s so buggy as to be unusable.

    • Anonymous

      Try to download update. It’s all fixed now.

  • Lidstromso
    • Dillon

      It’s unfortunate that no one seems to administrate these forums since this comment has absolutely no relevance to the topic…

      • mailbu

        It has – entertainment.

  • Paul Bissex

    The bitbucket website itself has gotten a bit better for mobile use, but lots more could be done. Mobile apps are swell, but if the site was more “responsive” WRT smaller screen size I wouldn’t need them myself.

  • Dillon

    There is a new iOS application for Bitbucket: CodeBucket. You can check it out here:

    It has a lot of features and designed around having a sleep and efficient user interface!

  • Punkman

    For me the best (not free) is: CodeBucket from Dillon Buchnan

    Probably has the best UI but lacks some features (is still the initial release).
    The developer give constant feedback and is working fast to make a second release with the most requested features (my #1 request is on issue creation)

  • Reony

    We need a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app!

  • Anonymous

    We recently made an iPhone and iPad app called BugBranch ( that supports BitBucket. It integrates with Github, Redmine, and JIRA also.

  • Derek Williams

    Really need this to work on Safari on iOS while on 3G. Apple restricts apps only to people who had one best friend at high school so I cannot download apps.

  • Filip Strýčko

    Check Bitshark app for windows phone

  • Minty Stark

    I just want to be able to Edit the code and Commit it from my Android Device. I would love to see this in the App, but having it in the Browser would be fine.
    The Browser does have Edit Capabilities, but it doesn’t work well with Android devices. For Example I can’t use the Backspace on any code. It would be great if one of the Edit Options was to just have the code in a simple “Textarea” box.

  • Peter Parker

    I am going with repoman that
    allows me to view your Bitbucket and GitHub repo issues, commit
    history, source diffs, branch history and search public repos.

  • Kaz Nishimura

    Are you still listening to these comments?
    I would like a mobile app with OAuth support. Do you know one?

    • winbucket

      Hi Kaz,

      If you are looking for a windows phone app – winbucket uses OAuth to access bitbucket account. You can get it here –

      • Kaz Nishimura

        Thank you for the information, but I’m talking about iOS and Android apps. BTW, I feel the current OAuth sign-in page doesn’t fit well with smaller mobile phone screen, how do you cope with that?

  • Aabharan

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