Atlassian JIRA now integrates with Bitbucket

By on June 9, 2011

Atlassian has released a new plugin for the JIRA issue tracker that links your Bitbucket changeset commit messages to JIRA issues!

Linking your JIRA instance to Bitbucket adds a source tab to your JIRA projects so you can track changesets, monitor source code edits, and link back to Bitbucket.

Want to learn more?

  • JC

    Is it available with jira studio already?

  • JC

    Is it available with jira studio already?

  • JC

    Is it available with jira studio already?

    • Justen Stepka

      We originally developed the plugin for Studio, which is how we did most of our testing.

      The plugin should be available soonish.

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  • roman

    I’m looking forward to the plugin’s coming out!
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  • Ken Olofsen

    There is a new JIRA Connector for Bitbucket. Check it out:

  • Wabisuke