SSL is now served up 24/7

By on December 16, 2010

As more commercial companies have begun to use Bitbucket, and with tools such as Firesheep coming out, we’ve heard a running theme of requests to require SSL when accessing private repositories. To support these requests, starting today, all traffic to Bitbucket will be over HTTPS.

It should be noted there are three side affects to this change you’ll want to be aware of:

Building on last week’s revamped user picker, we’ve improved the repository access control panels to match the Plans and Billing panel. Here’s how the interface was laid out before:

Depending on which access level you needed to administrate (readers, writers, or admins), you’d use one of the three panels. With the new UI, you can modify all repository users, their access rights, and search for new users to invite to a repository from a single input panel:

Until next week, here’s the full list of changes:


Bug fixes:

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