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By on October 8, 2010

As we were gearing for the acquisition announcement by Atlassian, we added four new folks to the Bitbucket team. – We’ll be adding more developers shortly, but these folks have already started working. You might have seen them in commit logs, chatting on IRC, answering support emails, or on the mailing list. So I wanted to take a moment and introduce them to everyone:

Charles McLaughlin – Charles has been on the IT team at Atlassian for two years now. He’s taken over Bitbucket’s server infrastructure. He’s the one responsible for the 400% performance increase you saw in August when we moved off EC2 and over to dedicated hardware, as well as improving our monitoring capabilities.
Mehmet Catalbas – Mehmet has actually been working on Bitbucket for several years as a contractor. He has been responsible for support, bug fixes and is a great all-round developer responsible for many of the features on the site, and we’re really thrilled to have him officially on the team now full time.
Jonathan Nolen – Jonathan’s is another Atlassian who’s coming over to help out with Bitbucket. He joined Atlassian five years ago, when there were just about twenty-five people. He’s going to help us grow the engineering team to more than one person, and help us get new features out the door quicker.
Justen Stepka – Justen’s been with Atlassian for four years. Before being purchased by Atlassian, he founded Authentisoft, who were the original developers of Crowd. He’s been a developer, a marketer, and now he’s joining the Bitbucket team as its first product manager.

We’ll have more new team-members to announce in the next few weeks, and they won’t all be from Atlassian. We’ll be bringing in some folks from the Bitbucket community as well. We’ve got huge plans for the next few months giving you more frequent features releases. We hope that we can make you happy, and we’re eager to hear how you think Bitbucket can be even more awesome.

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