Repository size limits

By on May 30, 2014

In order to improve and maintain the overall performance for everyone who uses Bitbucket, we are rolling out size limits on newly-created repositories. Starting today, repository size limits will be:

If you already have a repository that is larger than the 2GB limit, your repository has been grandfathered so you won’t have any issues. Should you find your new repository approaching the 1GB soft limit, check out our documentation on how to reduce repository sizes or our blog “How to handle big repositories”.

Of course, Bitbucket still offers unlimited private repositories free for five users!

  • Raleigh

    How do we how large our repositories are and if we have any that currently close to the limit?

  • Sebastiano Pilla

    This is not necessarily good news for us (though I understand your motivation in imposing those restrictions). Do you plan you offer bigger repository sizes for paying customers?

    • Justen Stepka

      Support for larger repos is something we may offer in the future but have no plans at this time.

      The primary motivation to implement repo limits to protect the service from run away repos that are causing havoc on performance. Right now only about .01% of repos are over the 2GB limit and are mostly from individual users for non-code projects such as storing MP3s or movies.

      • Lachlan Gemmell

        So are you grandfathering those pre-existing huge repositories that are abusing the service as well?

  • Michael Stevenson

    That’s unfortunate. Given that most of my project repos are in excess of 1 GB, it sounds like I’ll need to discontinue using BitBucket for all future work unless a paid tier with a significantly higher repo size limit is offered soon.

  • kevintho

    Are “Issues”, “Wiki”, and “Downloads” included (counted) in the size limits? Or do these new size limits refer only to the repository itself?

  • Jens Laufer

    So can have 20 repos with 1GB? Or is there also a limit on the account level?

  • msx

    I LOVE BITBUCKET! – Can’t say the same about Confluence ¬¬
    Thanks guys for your great work.

  • Tasadduq Ali

    Hi Bitbucket team
    Great work guys (y)

    M Tasadduq Ali

  • Andrey Fedyashov

    Hi! I’ve gone through steps to reduce repository size via BFG. I see mirrored clone of repository is significantly smaller now, so I performed pruning, GC and pushing to bitbucket. I don’t see the size in settings to reflect immediately. How long it will take for bitbucket to reflect those changes in size?